The Town Close Foundation

At the Town Close Foundation, we believe in the power of community and expertise to make a real difference. Our mission is to harness the diverse skills and experiences of our Town Close clients to support individuals, not-for-profits, and charities in achieving their dreams and goals.

We offer a blend of coaching, mentoring, and consulting to build meaningful relationships with leaders and members of charitable organisations. By understanding their challenges, we help them articulate their needs and connect them with the right experts—all on a pro-bono basis.

Our Mission

The Town Close Foundation is dedicated to helping not-for-profits, charities, and individuals in England and Wales unlock their full potential, benefiting both themselves and the broader society.

How We Work

We bring together the knowledge, experience, and energy of our clients to provide tailored assistance to those who need it most.

Our volunteers are passionate about giving back and making a positive impact.

What We Do

Much like the big consultancies, we engage in deep, quality conversations with the leadership teams of not-for-profits and charities.

Through these discussions, we identify their specific needs and challenges. Then, we leverage our extensive network to find the perfect match of skills and expertise from the Town Close client base to provide the necessary support.