Human Centered, Always.

The Town Close Purpose

Our purpose and reason for doing what we do stems directly from our founder and leader, Jeremy Askew.

He instills eight principles throughout Town Close which are: 

1. Be Helpful – the habit that underpins all others, without it nothing can be accomplished.

2. Teamwork First – “no person is an island” everything is teamwork, between us and with our clients and their families.

3. Life is nothing without Fun – some levity, laughter, horsing around are essential each day and make it easier to
be deadly serious when needs be.

4. Stay risk adverse – simplicity over complexity, being pragmatic, a laser focus on what we can

5. Be candid – Being nice and avoiding telling the truth helps no-one. Praise should be specific and sincere, criticism kind and clear.

6. And be curious – Who? What? How? Why? Our real power lies in the questions we ask, not the
answers we have.

7. Always remain dedicated – other than their immediate family no-one cares more about our clients and their life than us, the Town Close team.

8. Think outside the box – logic can only get us so far; intuition gets us the rest of the way to the unique solution for our clients’ unique circumstances.

Who we are

A brand that reflects us

Our purpose permeates everything we do which is why we recently rebuilt our brand to reflect this.

More Human

Our logo blends the history of our original logo showing a route to a wealthy future and combined it with the humanity we put at the centre of everything we do.

Never Boring

Finances are often boring but that doesn't mean we are. Unlike other, financial services who live in grayscale, we embrace our colours and wear them proudly.