Estate Planning
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Estate Planning - What are the main things to think about?

Written by
Jeremy Askew
Published on
June 17, 2024

Death and taxes, as they say, are the only certainties in life. While we can't avoid them, we can plan for them. That's where estate planning comes in – it's your way of looking after your loved ones, even after you're gone.

Busting the Myth: It's Not Just for the Rich

If you have anything of value – a house, savings, personal belongings – you have an estate. Estate planning isn't just about mansions and millions; it's about protecting what you've worked hard for and making sure it goes where you want it to.

What's in Your Estate?

Your estate includes everything you own:

  • Property: Your home, any rental properties, even that holiday cottage.
  • Finances: Savings accounts, investments, pensions, life insurance policies.
  • Personal Belongings: Jewellery, cars, furniture, family heirlooms.

Estate planning helps you decide who gets what, and how much.

Why Estate Planning Matters

Here are some compelling reasons to get your estate in order:

  • Protect Your Family: Ensure your loved ones are financially secure and your wishes are honoured.
  • Minimise Inheritance Tax: Careful planning can help your family keep more of their inheritance, so the taxman doesn't get a bigger slice than necessary.
  • Avoid Family Disputes: Clearly outlining your wishes can prevent misunderstandings and disagreements, ensuring a smooth transition for your loved ones.
  • Leave a Lasting Legacy: Support the charities and causes you care about, leaving a positive impact on the world.
  • Plan for the Unexpected: Estate planning can also include arrangements for your care if you become unable to make decisions for yourself.

Don't Delay, Plan Today

Estate planning isn't just about death; it's about taking control of your future and protecting the people you care about. Let's start the conversation and create a plan that gives you peace of mind.